Coaching & Training

What skills do you need to build?

Why hire an ‘expert’ when you can develop the skills needed to become the expert? Take a look at the video to get a glimpse at what Schaus Creative does to help individuals and organizations develop the skills needed to tell their story and build their brand — from graphic design instruction to media relations training. 

How are you telling your story?

Select a service below to explore how Schaus Creative can help build your skillset!

With a growing library of instructional classes on everything from graphic design to message development, Schaus Creative offers lessons to help you grow the skills necessary to tell your story. Click here to see available classes.

Being able to confidently engage with the media is crucial to sharing your story and changing the world. Schaus Creative draws on extensive experience with journalists to offer a full range of media training options. Contact us to learn more.

From technical skills to “soft” skills such as public speaking, Schaus Creative offers custom workshops, in-person team coaching options and personalized group training to help organizations further develop their team’s potential. Contact us to learn more.

Do more than engage new audiences — build entire movements around your brand

You’re passionate about what you do. Share that passion with us, and let’s tell your story in a way that changes the world around you.